My Philosophy

 “ Each day in Kitchen is a new experience 


Through the different experiences I acquired in the kitchen, I managed to view food from many angles and form my own way of thinking. My enthusiasm for cooking led me to travel several times. What I learned above all is that the journey into the world of food never ends. No matter how many things you learn, they are never enough and you always feel that something is missing, giving you an incentive for further quests.Every moment, any kitchen in the world is a source of inspiration and creativity. No matter where you are cooking, the feeling of making people happy and excited about food is indescribable. No matter how many hours you've worked, no matter how tired you are, the peoples' reward will lift your spirits, give you energy, self-confidence, a will and appetite for even greater efforts.

Greece and all Mediterranean countries in general, have a variety of great quality products, offering many opportunities for recipes with very tasty and healthy cooking methods. A lot has been written about the value of Greek products and their huge importance in a healthy diet. Given that Greek cuisine is based on these exceptional fresh ingredients, produced abundantly by our country, we can say that we have many advantages and there is room to optimise and promote them.
In kitchen, I started with a specific philosophy that never changed over all these years. I like everything to be fresh and handmade. A balance of the classic and the modern in the kitchen and the patisserie. I personally do not distinguish cuisine from pastry and I think that, in any cuisine, one complements the other. Creativity, always with respect for the foundations and values set by tradition and nature. Quality need not always be complicated. Even the simplest thing in the world, when made with feeling, is a luxury...



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