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''Journeys are an investment in knowledge and life''

Food has no borders or ethnicity. It is the medium that brings together people, cultures, customs and traditions from every corner of the earth. In any part of the world, the local cuisine express a part of the culture, history, attitude, tradition, entertainment and character of each people.
Thus, travelling helps Chefs mature, as they see different perceptions about food, acquiring very useful experiences not only on a professional but also on a human level. Investing in knowledge is very useful, bearing multiple benefits. It is no easy feat to go alone to foreign, unfamiliar places and adapt to different societies, lifestyles, thinking and eating habits. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance and willpower, but the result is a precious experience that sets the necessary foundations for what comes next.
Apart from anything else, when travelling, one comes in contact with the culinary traditions of centuries while getting to know new culinary destinations. It is true that food has become a kind of fashion, constantly evolving with new techniques and trends in gastronomy.
Meanwhile, classic cuisine is always timeless and often timely. The above, coupled with the diversity and sometimes the uniqueness of the products of each region, and the local culinary tradition, render food an extremely interesting issue. This means that, for a Chef, it is very useful to gain as many experiences, knowledge, opinions, ideas and images he can, thus promoting his career and increasing his options. 
This cosmopolitan profession offers the opportunity to travel anywhere and to work in any place in the world we want. Nothing is simple and easy; nor is it impossible however. The risk is a given for anyone who wants to discover new things, but can be overcome with determination. Having travelled a lot, having worked with colleagues from around the world and constantly continuing my culinary - and other - adventures, I can say with confidence that it is worth it... 

You can see photos of my travels, HERE

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