Food Designer
The world of Gastronomy is full of challenges and opportunities
Gastronomy is a scientific discipline that is continuously developing and being upgraded at every level. The developments in Gastronomy, as well as technology, now provide endless possibilities and choices in relation to nutrition and the enjoyment of a good meal.
One of the largest problems that are confronted by many food and catering business is the lack of creativity. The catering sector has now become very competitive and demanding with all manner of businesses related to food opening up. With so many choices now available, people are very careful with how they spend their money and naturally have the corresponding demands.

Accordingly, in order that a business may stand out and evolve in the industry, it must have an identity, quality, professionalism and services that respond to the demands of the public.

The investment in quality, in searching for original ideas and promoting them, can lead you to success and place you high amongst the public’s preferences.

Careful research and planning in your business can make it quite efficient and profitable by providing a high level of products and services. The aim is the very good flavours and emotions evoked by them, which are necessary for winning the public over. The correct quality-price combinations in conjunction with the public’s needs are the key to success over time.

Food designing amongst other things relates to the following cases:

Food stores and companies
that want to be innovative with new ideas, new products, original flavours & recipes; Creating and developing new recipes for any type of catering businesses.

Food producers
that want to present their products to the public via recipes and ideas for their use; Promotion suggestions and techniques.

Bakeries & pastry Shops
that want to introduce new products, new recipes & flavours into their stores.

Gastronomic marketing
Presentation, advertising and promotion of your business.
Developing strategies and marketing; Methods for promoting your business name.

Food styling
Cooperation with catering business on the modern and attractive presentation of dishes; Capacity for the professional photographing and videoing of your dishes and products.

Designing professional kitchens

and catering establishments. Examination and assessment of your business facilities and recommendations for structural, operation and equipment improvements.

Finding suitable equipment
for any whatsoever location of a gastronomic interest. Investigations to purchase kitchen equipment according to the space and the needs of the business.

Events and special food tasting evenings
at your restaurant; Creating a food tasting menu and promotion for a specific date; Presentation of a quality degustation menu to your public so that your restaurant customers may sample new dishes and flavours.

Organisation of events
Gastronomy, food and products.

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